Frequency of ABO, Subgroup ABO and Rh(D)


By Fathelrahman Mahdi Hassan.


Background: There are differences in the distribution of ABO, subgroup ABO and Rh(D) blood groups in different populations of the world. Relatively little information is available about blood group distributions in Sudanese population. Objectives: To see the frequency of ABO, subgroup ABO and Rh(D) blood groups in major Sudanese ethnic groups(Danagla, Shaygia and Gaaleen). Subjects and Methods: Blood testing for ABO, subgroup ABO and Rh (D) typing was done over six months, in 300 unrelated individuals, from both genders. Blood samples were collected from students of the college of medical laboratory science – Sudan University of Science and Technology using finger prick method and following routine slide method. Results: Blood group "O" was the most predominant (52.7%) in both Rh positive and negative subjects, followed by blood group A, B and AB. Majority (98.0%) of the subjects were Rh (D) positive and only 2% were Rh negative. The predominant subgroup of ABO was A2 (14.1%). Conclusions: The frequency of ABO blood groups in both Rh positive and negative subjects among the major Sudanese ethnic group was similar to that reported from neighbouring regions. Key words: ABO, subgroup ABO, Rh(D), blood groups.


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