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The family of College of Medical Laboratory Science congratulates the student Salama, the daughter of their colleague Khaled Salah Ali, for scoring 97.4 percent and ranked the first student on the Sudanese certificate result for year2016.
Training Course in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics
College of Medical Laboratory concluded a training course of one week for graduate students and scholars in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics. Professor Maher Saleh Suleiman, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, said that the College of Medical Laboratory is one of the outstanding colleges, adding that it is the nucleus of the Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy. He stressed on the importance of the course, which comes in the context of the university role in community service. Dr. Mohammed Seddiq, Dean of the College of laboratory, claims that the college attracts researchers and graduate students through Research Laboratory which provides distinctive services.
Advance Course in Molecular Biology
The College Administration wishes to announce that a one-week Advanced molecular biology course will be held at the College of Medical Laboratory Science, Sudan University of Science and Technology West Campus, The Research Laboratory. The course is an opportunity for researchers, postgraduate students and who is intrested in Molecular biology to grasp basic and applied knowledge concerning molecular biology, including RFLP,Allele specific-PCR, ARMS, and DNA sequence analysis. For more informations contact. Email: Mobile: 0912828277
Start of the Registration for the New Students for the year 2015-2016
College of medical laboratories, the General Department will conduct interviews for the newly accepted students starting August 30, 2015.
The College Administration wishes to congratulate Mr Ez Alarab Kamil for the occasion of his wedding.