Dr.Mohamed Siddig AbdelAziz Mohamed

I have the pleasure to welcome the visitors of the College of Medical Laboratory Science (CMLS) at Sudan University of Science and Technology, one of the famous and well-known colleges in the Sudan.
The history of CMLS goes back to first half of seventies of the past century. CMLS offers useful and stimulating undergraduate programs in Medical Laboratory Science in a number of popular and established academic disciplines (Microbiology, Haematology and Immunohaematology, Clinical Chemistry, Histopathology and Cytology and Parasitology and Medical Entomology), that have been designed with the aim of suitably matching the needs of the modern, fast-developing Sudanese society. These programs actually enable the students to successfully embark and continue on their exciting professional careers through Postgraduates Studies (Postgraduate Diploma, MSc, PhD) with a sense of success.
Upon graduation after a period of eight semesters, our students find themselves grown up and enough skilled to meet the challenges of today’s national and international. CMLS has been offering courses in biological sciences for many students in other Colleges (College of Science, Education and Forestry and Range) within SUST through a well-structured, well-balanced core curriculum. It also creates many opportunities for students from Arab and African world. CMLS also arranges many academic, cultural and social activities for students and the college community through academic societies. It continues to maintain strong ties with local, regional and international academic institutions and provide expertise to Government Ministries and public health centers as part of the University’s role of serving the community.
As the Dean of the College I am proud of having such a quality staff committed to teaching excellence. Together with students, they join me and work in a harmony and unified work to make a real difference in the life of our on- academic community as we proudly continue to play our constructive role in building the Sudan nation.