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1. Be student-focused and research-oriented college.

2.Design and implement procedures that take advantages of techniques and technologies.

3.Serve as a resource to employees in supporting them to make informed decisions regarding work and life issues.

4.Be an open college in terms of sharing information with each other and graduates while respecting the need for confidentiality.

5.Foster the development of the human talent of the college to maximize it.


College of Medical Laboratory Science (CMLS) provides an opportunity for public and private health care centers, hospitals, organizations and other related fields to hire the quality graduates who have successfully completed the prescribed course and prepared for production career in medical laboratory science.


  • To graduate specialized cadres in one of medical laboratory branches.
  • To Develop medical laboratory science through graduate programs ( post-graduate diploma, and Ph.D.).
  • To Cooperate and exchange expertise with national and international counterparts.

  • To Work with other colleges to uniform joint courses and maintain courses of special nature.
  • To Cooperate in the development of scientific associations concerned with Medical Laboratory Science .
  • To Upgrade medical professions and future plans.